You would only want long term-best for your company as an entrepreneur.

One advice we can provide you is to choose Android and hire Android developers in India.

To understand why Android applications are the best option for company development, one must analyze a number of advantages. Ipso facto, we'd best get going with the facts that will serve as a strong foundation for our defense of the viability of Android business applications. The timing is significant here for picking Android as the go-to technique for mobile app development for startups as Android 11 gets ready to give its set of advantages to enterprises.  

This graph below showing the market share of OS platforms is proof enough that statistics are the most excellent way to determine lucrative business endeavors. Android has undeniably seized a more significant portion of the worldwide market and established itself as the platform of choice for many device manufacturers as well as customers in general.

People invest in Android because of other facts, like that Google Play generated $21.6 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2019 compared to the App Store, which accounted for an increase of 11% YoY from Q3 2018.

In reality, according to Sensor Tower Statistics, the Play Store produced $7.7 billion in sales in Q3 2019, up 24% YoY from $6.2 billion in Q3 2018, which helps to explain why the expense of developing android apps across genres is justified.

Why is Android the Best Platform for Startups to Develop Mobile Apps?

If you are still on the fence and uncertain of why you should create an Android app for your company, the following arguments can help you make up your mind:

  • Bigger Audience

The majority of people nowadays utilize Android-powered smartphones. And based on what we have read so far, this is unquestionably the case. Compared to its rivals, Android is used by the vast majority of consumers worldwide, providing a sizable user base.

Not having an Android business app means missing out on several business prospects. No company can afford such a loss, particularly with today's fierce competition. Finding android developers india to turn your website into an app is thus advised.

  • Resources are Easily Accessible

Java is the primary language foundation upon which Android app development services are built. The programming language makes it very simple for any Android app developer for startups (even fresher) to adopt and master because it is one that is taught at the graduate level as a required topic.

Android is the most excellent option for a startup's app requirements since educating developers requires less time and money.

  • An Open Source System

An open-source platform is Android. That suggests there are no fees associated with utilizing this platform from Google. In actuality, Google Offers accessible technology and resources for creating Android apps. Manufacturers of hardware products like Samsung, Xiaomi, and others use Android as their primary operating system. It is due to the fact that Android is free and its code is open source.

As a result, Android is able to dominate the market. It contributes significantly to reducing the project's overall cost. The cost of developing an Android app varies from business to company based on a variety of criteria. Still, the more devices you link to the operating system, the higher the total cost your ideas for developing an Android app will have to incur.

  • Support for a Variety of Devices

The fact that there are no limitations on the kind of devices that may be used to create Android apps is one of the main benefits of doing so over iOS. An app may be made on a Windows desktop, a Mac, or a Linux machine. Android is a preferred platform for all industries with interoperability requirements since it enables you to spread your brand across devices and operating systems.

In actuality, Google offers technology and tools for application creation to everyone. Additionally, publishing applications to Play Store is more straightforward, and the membership charge of $25 (one-time) is significantly cheaper than the $99 subscription fee of iOS (per annum).

  • More Rapid Deployment

While it might take weeks for iOS applications to be deployed, it just takes a few hours for an android app to be live on a Play Store.

It is why most Android app development companies advise selecting Android. Creating an Android app must go quickly since the sooner the app is completed, the faster the company will grow.

  • Create a Scalable Application

Another intriguing fact –or maybe a key benefit –of selecting Android application development services is that it enables app developers to tailor their work to meet specific client needs. It implies that your company software will be developed according to the proper specifications, which may not have been achievable on any other platform.

In a word, having an Android app for business is essential regardless of whether your firm offers products or services. It will serve as a conduit to connect with the most significant number of consumers, increasing your sales.

  • Outstanding Graphic Support

Android's outstanding graphics support through its excellent capabilities is another justification for startup companies to choose Android mobile app development. It is what makes it an ideal option for game app development and applications that will be more graphical-focused. Additionally, the platform supports both 2D and 3D graphics.

  • Simple Incorporation

Android is a fantastic option in terms of integration. Any firm that develops Android apps will be able to tell you how simple it is to incorporate third-party APIs into your app. The simplicity, in turn, has a beneficial knock-on effect that reduces the overall cost and time of developing the app.

  • Heavy Fragmentation of the Device

Although fragmentation may result in higher development costs and more extended testing times, it also offers advantages. The wide range of devices that make up the Android ecosystem—including smartphones, TVs, home assistants, wearables, etc.—indicates the size of the market just waiting for you to target with your application. Your programme won't be restricted to a specific range of devices as iOS does.

  • Different Network Distributions

There are several benefits for android app development startups, and they are more than just available on the Play Store. You may also publish your software on other apps, such as the MI Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and others.


These are the 10 reasons a startup should invest in an Android app development company. If they didn't work nowadays, it would not be easy to stand in the market and attract new customers. As you can read above, there are many reasons behind investing in Android app development. Plus, it is very affordable and easy to get into an app market with the help of Android app developers in India.